Sunday, November 13, 2016

Center For Resilience

The Center for Resilience seeks to empower people to empower themselves through the practice of mindfulness which fosters success in the classroom, community and workplace.

Our vision is one of resilience.
We work in partnership to create a self-sustaining culture of fortitude in school, career, and life.
We envision communities where all people live lives of strength, purpose and compassion.
We inspire success one moment at a time.
A video I really enjoyed was of Amy Leclaire from William D'Abate Elementary school. Amy talked about her experience as a kindergarten teacher to children who have never previously attended any sort of schooling before. She pointed out that most start off having a hard time transitioning from recess/play into learning math or other subjects. As a result of the resilience program the youth are encouraged to redirect and focus themselves in the classroom after returning back from recess, lunch, or other free time. 

I 100% support programs like this. They encourage youth as well as provide structure and learning advantages. The videos I watched reminded me of our work with Calcutt Middle School as well as work I do at the preschool i currently work at. 


  1. Hi Jena,
    I enjoyed reading your blog as I have similar views as you do. The example of the kindergarten teacher was a good example of the mindful practices as the young students redirecting themselves through those learned practices.

  2. Hi Jena,
    I liked that you included their mission and how you relate it to your job as well as Calcutt.


  3. Jena,
    I liked how you related the reading to your current job. I have some similar views as you.

  4. Hi jena,
    Great job including the mission and vision of the organization in your blog. I also liked that you made a connection between the organization's practices and your own job experiences.

  5. Nice job placing the vision ;) Our youth today need as much encouragement to do positive things in life.

  6. awesome job on the blog, I also watched the same video as well and I completely agree. Having these type of programs is so important for youth in today's age.