Thursday, November 3, 2016

Event 2: Lemonade

I attended the presentation of Beyonce's Lemonade on Wednesday, October 12th 2016. The presentation was held by our own RIC professor Leslie Grinner. I am an enormous Beyonce fan and even bigger fan of her newest and controversial album titled Lemonade.

The album Lemonade is considered controversial in the spotlight today due to the representation and lyrics of the album that are core issues in our society today. These issues include the topics of feminism and racism. During the presentation, Leslie Grinner informed us that the album was highly criticized by Bell Hooks, a profound black feminist. Bell Hook believes Lemonade exploits images of black female bodies. Its all about the body and the bodies commodities.

Besides the great songs and artists featured on Lemonade, I personally support this album because of Beyonce so freely expressing herself and opinions. Beyonces freedom of speech relates to the youth worker I want and hope to be. I want to be able to voice my opinion and I definitely want the youth I work with to do the same. I want todays youth to feel empowered in expressing their voice and to remain true to their own personal beliefs and experiences.

Here is the link to Bell Hooks response to Lemonade:

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