Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ideology Horoscope

According to the Youth Development Ideology Horoscope article titled, "What your sign?",, there are three main concepts of how youth workers associate with youth. These three notions include:
1. Risk, Resiliency and Prevention
2. Positive Youth Development
3. Critical Youth Development

After completing my own Ideology Inventory quiz, I was able to classify myself as a critical youth worker.

Critical youth workers believe teens are legitimate actors and collaborators who have important ideas and ways of contributing to the world. They tend focus on how youth engage with and impact their communities and cultures. I can definitely agree with the results of this quiz as I often find myself thinking how adults and youth can work together to better our everyday lives and communities. A perfect example of this is the organization Youth In Action, which allows youth to contribute their ideas to the community they live in. As a youth worker, I will continue to urge today's youth to use their voice and spread their ideas. Youth and adults working together have the power to change the world. 


  1. Hi Jena, I like your post. I also am a Critical Youth Development worker! I also liked Youth in Action as I thought it was a perfect example of this. I really like the pictures on your page. Take care, Madelin

  2. Hi Jena,
    I enjoyed reading your blog and your ideas. I like that you related the horoscope finding to the Youth In Action group. I also like the concept of youth being able to express themselves in a positive manner. Nice blog!

  3. Jena, I as well am a critical youth worker and I lied how you used Youth in Action as an example of what the definition of critical youth worker is.

  4. Hi Jena,
    I really like your post! I especially like your closing statement “As a youth worker, I will continue to urge today's youth to use their voice and spread their ideas.” I think it illustrate your determination to use your strengths--as critical youth worker--to improve the environments that surround youth.

  5. Hey Jena!
    I don't even think that people realize the amazing, positive impact they can do within their community. It seems like everyone is waiting for change, whether it's through the government or not, and forgetting that they can make a positive change to better their surroundings.

  6. Hi Jena,
    I really liked reading your blog this week. I really enjoyed that you used Youth in Action example to better explain this ideology. It is true youth and adults do need to work together to make the world their canvas. Awesome job!